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  Ancient Macedon, Alexander the Great silver tetradrachm, Babylon Mint.

Rome First century AD. 12 Caesars period coins of Augustus, Tiberius, Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Nerva and Domitian.

Rome 2nd century AD silver denarius coins of Trajan and Hadrian.

England 1602 sixpence of Elizabeth I.

England 1695 and 1696 William III silver crowns.

GB Anne 1707 silver crown.

India, Muhammad Shah 1719-1748 period silver rupees,

GB 1734 George II silver crown, attractive & scarce.

Netherlands 1777 Gold Ducat, EF.

GB 1784 Captain Cook memorial medal, EF and scarce.

GB 1820 and 1825 gold sovereigns.

Bank of England 1804 Dollar and 1812 1/6d bank token.

GB crowns of George III, George IV and 1844 Victoria.

Australia, a run of Sydney Mint half sovereigns 1856 to 1866.

Australia gold sovereign type set and Sydney Mint sovereigns and 1890M and 1897M sovereigns.

GB 1887 silver crown in higher grade with nice antique tone.

GB 1893 Gold Two pound coin, very attractive, gEF and scarce.

GB 1899, 1902 and 1928 silver crowns and 1902 Trade dollar.

Western Australia early imperforate stamps from the 1854-1860 period.

Australia 1923 Halfpenny, the key date.

Australia 1926 Ten Shillings banknote, 1932 One Pound Riddle/Sheehan thick signatures banknote, a set of WW2 banknotes, groups of three of 1949 and 1952 banknotes.

Australia 1938 silver crowns, scarce date, several to choose from.

Australia 1966 Proof set in box of issue.

Australia 2021 Mint set, Baby mint set, Proof set & Baby Proof set.

Wishing all a happy and safe 2021.


Email oldcoins@senet.com.au or call 08 8165 3446 between Noon and 7 pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

We are available Monday to Friday, unless taking other calls, if so, please leave a message and phone number.

  PLEASE be patient, as some of the many categories Iisted in the index to your left take a while to load on your computer. 

This is because they contain a wide range of items and most with photos. If you wish to make an enquiry, you will find the address particulars listed below or our email link listed above and on most pages of this website. 

Phone number 08 8165 3446, best time to call, Midday to 7pm, AEST, Monday to Friday.

Purchase & Payment notes..

FOR SALE: Coins, Banknotes and Medals at fixed prices.  


This can be done by phone, or by cutting & pasting items of interest into an email, or by sending an email describing what you wish to purchase.

Send an email with your wishes to oldcoins@senet.com.au

If necessary, leave a phone message and a time to call and you will be answered.   

No extra fees or GST costs to you, other than the price stated + postage costs if the order is under $750.

Orders over $750 are sent post free, with insurance, which is paid by us at no extra cost to the buyer, EXCEPT for gold coins or silver bullion - post and insurance is extra on those.

We prefer direct deposit, cheque or postal order from Australians, but also accept Paypal (where you may use your credit card if you wish) on most items, EXCEPT gold coins or silver related bullion.

Pick - ups.  Although we do not have a shop, we have pleasant location where people from Adelaide can meet us to collect & pay for some items. 

If you wish to collect, ask beforehand for more information, phone 81653446 between noon and 7pm. 

We do prefer to post items, especially those under $50, but otherwise, pick up is usually possible. 

Phone 8165 3446 Monday-Friday, midday-7pm for details.

Payment options for Australian buyers.

(1) Direct deposit to Westpac account at any branch or via the internet. 

This is fast and cheap, however with this sort of payment it is important to email when you have made the payment, giving the amount paid, what you paid for, your address (if you haven't already provided it) and whether you want registered or standard post and a receipt number if possible  

There could be DELAYS if you don't do this.. To make the deposit, here are the particulars you need:

Account type: Westpac Classic. 

Account Name: R A Welling

BSB Number 735048.

Account Number: 518092.

(2 & 3) Cheques or postal orders by mail accepted within Australia.

Mailing address listed below. Please include YOUR RETURN ADDRESS and a note about what you purchased and what form of post you require. Cheques must clear before sending purchases, this could be up to 5 working days as we don't get to the bank every day.. For lower amounts, under $100 or so, we usually send the goods before clearing the cheque.

(4) If you wish to us a credit card, it can be done via Paypal for some items, please ask first for details by sending email to oldcoins@senet.com.au giving details about the item that you are interested in. Paypal can be used to purchase most items, except if they are gold coins or silver bullion.

Mailing address for orders or enquiries. 

Richard Welling. 

PO Box 312


South Australia.



Phone within Australia, 08 8165 3446. 

Call between Noon to 7pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

Availability of items.

We make no guarantee or promise that items you wish to purchase are available.  

Quite a bit of effort is put into keeping this website current, but it is a large site with many HUNDREDS of items and sometimes there is a time lag between items on the site that have been sold, being actually listed as "Sold" 

Sometimes, in this time, a purchase request will be made for an item already sold.  That is life, sorry. 

Sometimes, we just plain forget that an item that has sold has not been marked that way on the website. Although we try to not to make a habit of it, we are human and oversights do sometimes happen.

If you miss out, we will make an effort to locate a similar item for you, however, many of our items listed are scarce and hard to get in the short term. The shopping cart is old, like us, and often does not work with newer computers.

Best to IGNORE the cart and send an email with a purchase request for the items that interest you to oldcoins@senet.com.au

This will usually result in fast, efficient service.


Mail order is not a particularly fast format, although, we can get items to you quite quickly by Express post.

If you want the goods today, drive to the city, find a shop and pay the retail prices, which are nearly always more than the prices listed on this website. 

Mail takes 3-7 days by registered post within Australia FROM THE DAY WE POST IT, so any transaction through mail order outside SA is likely to be a 10+ day exercise.

Please keep this in mind when buying via mail order.

Express Post (usually 1-2 days delivery time) is available for most items and we do tend to send more and more material by Express these days.

All items sent by Registered or Express Platinum mail are covered by our private transit insurance to their full value at (usually) no extra charge to you. 

GST PAID, the dear, lovely GST is fully paid for Australian buyers, it is included in the price. 

What all this means is that the price you see is the price you pay. 

The only extra cost  we charge is for postage on items under $750 or postage on gold coins or silver bullion.

We are a Registered Business with an Australian Business Number  and we will supply a GST invoice to any likewise ABN registered business that requests it...  If you are keeping coins and stamps as Superanuation and your fund has an ABN, then we will supply a GST invoice on your request. Other than that we do not usually supply GST details or invoices, unless requested. 

We pay income tax and GST on all items sold and keep an order book that records every mail order transaction we make.

Orders or enquiries. 

Mailing address: 

Richard Welling. 

PO Box 312. 


South Australia.


Phone  08 8165 3446. 

Call between midday and up to 7pm AEST - Monday to Friday. 

Notes for eBay buyers.

We can post eBay lots and purchases from this web page together to help with postage costs. 

You can check out the listings we have on eBay by going to www.ebay.com.au and searching for yeoldecoinco in the Advanced Search section, in the box marked By Seller. 


Post and insurance within Australia is free on orders of $750 or more - EXCEPT for gold coins or silver related bullion, post and insurance is extra on those.

Basic post cost on single items up to 125g is $7.50 by Registered or tracked mail, which includes decent packaging.

About 10 coins can be sent for no extra postage cost.

Insurance cover is included for the full value at no extra charge, this is a service provided by us.

Parcel up to 500g total weight, costs a total of $12.95 within Australia, sent by Registered or tracked mail. 

Express satchel mail is available on more bulky items such as accessories and albums and is $14.50 up to 500g and $16.50 up to 3 kilos, which includes packaging. Platinum Express is also available for more expensive items.

Insurance cover within Australia is included up to the full value of the items, provided they are sent by Registered or signed for mail. 

We have our own private transit insurance which covers this. 


Payment accepted by Paypal or bank transfer where possible. We can send to UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada. 

Registered mail on a single coin costs about $20 AUD, Parcel up to 500g costs about $35-$40 AUD.


Any collections or bulk lots are sold as is, with any faults etc, however, we will listen to any reasonable query and make a fair attempt to resolve any problems. 

Single Items: These are sold as described from this web page. If the description is obviously wrong OR you are not happy for ANY reason, then a full refund will be issued, provided the item is returned within 60 days of the date you received the item. 

Send us your Want List.  We will try and assist with your particular wants.  Areas of strength are Ancient Greek and Roman coins, the English series from the Anglo-Saxons to the 19th century, also Colonial and Proclamation coins. We also keep a good range of Australian pre-decimal/decimal coins & banknotes in a more sensible price range.  

BUYING  coins, stamps and banknotes at fair prices. If we do not wish to buy your material outright, it can be professionally lotted and described by us on your behalf and sold through Australia's MOST RESPECTED auctions at Sydney &/or Melbourne venues at a reasonable commission. 

In MOST cases, we can offer a cash price and pay cash for immediate sale. Everything you have for sale purchased, not just individual items. Advice given on the values of your material in the current market, either for direct sale or through auction. CASH ADVANCES also available on top-grade material. 

Email us or phone (08) 81653446, between midday and 7pm. (Adelaide time)  Monday to Friday.

We are always looking for larger holdings and have the ability to pay or negotiate them to the coin/stamp market on your behalf for a fair fee.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page. We hope to be of assistance to you in the future.

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